Review of Credit Agreements

Salhan Consultancy specialises in expert mathematical analysis and forensic audits of consumer and business credit agreements, providing legal firms, finance houses, individuals and those otherwise affected by questions of enforceability and compliance with comprehensive reports to assist them in pursuing and defending claims in relation to consumer credit agreements.

We offer various types of reports on agreements for fixed term loans and credit cards, as well as providing expert mathematical reports for court proceedings.

Using calculations and our own bespoke computer software, our experts check that the annual percentage rate (APR), total charge of credit and repayments are correct, based on mathematics and law.

All calculations and computer programmes are fully validated against approved and established results.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service to our clients, taking great care to provide accurate and precise mathematical reports.

We also understand that time is of tremendous importance in any legal environment and endeavour to provide reports in a short period of time, thus helping you in turn deliver the best possible service to your clients.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Salhan Accountants in Edgbaston, Birmingham.